Get to know our wide range of services

Ocean Freight

We offer you freight forwarding services by sea in containers adapted and specialized to suit the item you want to import or export so that the entire logistics process is fulfilled satisfactorily. 

We optimize service processes to avoid third party intervention to reduce your logistics costs, save time and supply your supply chain.

Air Freight

Air freight is an efficient service that we offer to take care of the logistics of your shipments in a more agile way than other means, in order to help you to comply in time and form in the shipment of your goods.

We have different commercial alliances that allow us to offer you the confidence to transport your goods to and from any part of the world.

Ground Freight

We offer different means to transport your cargo, either by road or rail in its different modalities.

We advise you and design a logistics strategy tailored to your needs. You decide the plan that best suits your needs, this way we will help you to boost your business.


We deliver to the door of your office or home with efficiency and security; from documents and stationery, to longer and larger packages. 

Always prioritizing the integrity of the package and the time needed to deliver as quickly as possible.

Custom Clearance

We perform our operations based and knowledgeable of international trade rules and tariff regulations so we can advise you on any questions you may have during the logistics process of your cargo. 

We are committed to advise you effectively to help you comply with all the requirements and import and export permits that your cargo requires before the customs authorities.


Your goods need insurance to back up the protection or loss in case of unforeseen events of any kind during the logistics process. 

As long as you have insurance you can have total security and confidence that your goods will be insured. You can manage it with us.

Supply Chain Services

Our objective is to satisfy in the most adequate way the needs of the final customer with our supply chain service. 

This objective implies a constant flow of tasks where different agents are involved to carry out the logistic strategies and processes.

We are here to provide you with the best quality in the following services in MIAMI & HONG KONG.


We offer fulfillment services focusing on warehousing, packing and dispatching of shipments. A process that is ideal for all those companies that sell online in physical stores and are looking to optimize their logistics management. 

Fulfillment works as follows:

  • Products are received in specialized warehouses for this service, a quality and inventory verification is carried out and the space is prepared for their respective storage.
  • The client’s inventory is stored and managed, with permanent custody and rotation according to the established expiration dates.
  • When the dispatch order is entered into the system, the preparation of the shipment begins, packing and labeling each unit.
  • Finally, the shipment is dispatched, requesting the collection of the unit, to proceed with the transportation process.